LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane moves offices to Suite 5, level 18, 324 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

QLD Based conveyancing firm LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane announced on Friday that they have moved to a new establishment blocks away from their previous office location. They recently relocated to one of the state-of-the-art establishments in the street of Queen, a migration that benefited them and their clients.

Moving from Level 54/111 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 to Suite 5, Level 18, 324 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, the new location is accessible by personal and public transport and can be easily seen while driving down the road, and it is convenient for their current and new clients.

Apart from the new location’s better accessibility, their decision to relocate was made to ensure they give a cosy atmosphere to their clients. They want their clients to feel comfortable while at their office. The space provides a better work environment for the team and gives a more professional setting for their clients. The spacious place allows the team to collaborate easily with one another.

The firm spokesperson said the migration might allow them to hire more staff due to the new site having plenty of vacant desks. They will be happy to welcome new members to their growing team, especially people with extensive conveyancing experience in the suburb where they operate. Adding more people to their roster will allow them to work faster and accept more clients. Most importantly, having a new person in the office means new ideas they can benefit from in the future.

Kristy Fletcher, a Senior Lawyer at the firm, stated that migration was one of their plans for the beginning of 2023. “We are excited to work at our new location. It is one of our plans to relocate to a more central location so that our clients can visit us easily. The site is accessible by public transport, such as trains and buses, so there is no problem if they want to commute. Also, our new headquarters is more extensive than its predecessor, making it a better location for us and our clients. There, they can comfortably wait in our fantastic waiting area.”

LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane is a firm that takes pride in serving clients in various parts of Australia. They provide quality legal services and consistently demonstrate professionalism in everything they do. They genuinely care about their clients, which makes them a conveyancing firm that many legal organisations recognise in the country. All firms have extensive knowledge of what they do, and the only thing they can think of to be different from the rest is to do the right thing for their clients, no matter what happens.

The firm has been in the conveyancing industry for over half a decade. It houses brilliant and passionate lawyers in different states of Australia, a valuable thing for the company, as most of them have experience in conveyancing in every part of the country. For interested people who want further details about the company’s range of services and operations across Australia, visit the official LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane website.

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